Teacher Bios


Carlos Kampff

Guitar & Bass Instructor

Carlos was introduced to music at the tender age of four while taking lessons on the violin. Switching to guitar in his early teens, Carlos began to study twice a week with Maestro Ludi Puperi, from whom he received instruction in jazz & rock guitar and music theory. His teacher soon recruited Carlos to start a GB Beatles cover band. With this band Carlos had the opportunity to play professional gigs throughout high school.

After moving to Boston and commencing his undergraduate studies at the Berklee College of Music, Carlos had the privilege of studying with Garrison Fewell, world-renowned jazz guitarist John Thomas, and jazz theorist, arranger and cunductor Danial Ian Smith. Since graduating in 2004 Carlos has been playing in many projects from rock operas, to choir, to trip hop, and Brazilian jazz-fusion bands. In 2007 Carlos joined the band Incus on their national tour, the recording of their album fire and bone and the filming of the music video dancer through time.

In 2008 Carlos moved to California and has been performing and recording with Sarah Judge, the group Fantastiche and with trio Soulard a gypsy jazz trio. In addition to all these performance experiences, Carlos has been teaching in various settings. These include teaching music in elementary schools, directing junior jazz bands, teaching recording, ensemble and music production classes at the MSSA summer camp for four summers and of course teaching private lessons. He is excited to offer you a well-rounded learning experience. You will learn musicianship skills that will prepare you for performance, composition. What is more, you will learn the art of playing music.


Jimi Marks

Piano/Keyboard & Drum Instructor

Jimi Marks graduated from UC Berkeley in 2010 with a BA in Music and Cognitive Science. Currently he plays drums and keyboards in a variety of projects whose styles range from swing to surf rock to ska. He also continues to pursue an independent study of the piano, learning classical and jazz pieces as well as theory. Always open to exploring new musical styles, Jimi encourages students to learn about the music they already love to listen to. By doing this, he aims to foster good practicing habits while at the same time teach students to get as much joy from their instrument as possible.


Roger Kim

Guitar Instructor

Roger Kim is jazz guitarist and composer who currently performs and teaches all over the bay area. He leads an improvising chamber music ensemble called the Elliott Smith hour, dedicated to interpreting the music of Elliott Smith, Brahms, and everything in between. He is a graduate from the Music Department at Music Berkeley, where he studied under Myra Melford and Brain Pardo.