Our Services and Plans

Private Lessons

In home individual instruction with highly qualified teachers who are experts in their fields. Teachers travel to you This is where the necessary skills like chord theory, fretboard knowledge, rhythmic notation, and soloing skills are honed. Students can choose from Guitar, Bass, Piano, Voice, Percussion and Drums. Other instruments may be available upon request.
  • $60 per 40 minute weekly lesson
  • Guitar, Bass, Piano, Voice, Drums
  • Lessons may be purchased either per month or per semester
  • Buy one semester in advance and receive:
    • one free band rehearsal and
    • a gift certificate for a private lesson to give to a friend!


Star Power Music instructors work closely with our partner JJ Music Camps. Our teachers will give you all the tips and musical foundation to be ready to play in a JJ Music Camps band. The band experience gives students a chance to live their dream of being a rock star. We also have prepared many students for Middleschool and Highschool Jazz and Orchastra Band auditions and performances. For more information on signing up for a rock or pop band see jjmusiccamps.com.
  • 90 minute rehearsal with Instructor
  • $40 per student per rehearsal
  • Group size 3-6 students
  • Buy 10 in advance and receive a free gift certificate for a private lesson to give to a friend!

Instrument Rentals

Monthly rentals available! A perfect way to try out a new instrument.
  • $33 per month
  • Rent to own options available

Follow the intake form link and contact Carlos or Cathy at info@starpowermusic.net or by phone (925) 263-6897 if you have any questions.