Acoustic guitar kits

Fender DG-8S Acoustic Guitar Pack – Natural

For a bigger size student this 6-string Acoustic Dreadnought Guitar Pack comes with a lot of what you need to get started. I includes an Automatic Chrome Tuner, a Gig Bag, Strings, and Picks. Acoustic guitars are great for their inherent mobility and ease of use. There are no chords to plug in, or amplifiers or other pieces that could break. The downside however is that when you are ready to perform acoustic guitars are hard to amplify. Put a microphone on it on stage and loud humming feedback noise is almost inevitable. To mitigate this problem the pro’s use acoustic-electric guitars… but those of course are more expensive. For those that don’t plan on performing right away, or just want to have some fun playing in the sun Fender acoustic guitars are a great fit.

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Electric guitar kits

Epiphone Les Paul Player Pack – Ebony

Epiphone guitars are classic rock power houses, the Les Paul model is a favorite for students that love Led Zeppelin and Slash. The Humbucker pickups mean that you get a stronger growling tone, and are also designed to eliminate hum. (Get it: Hum bucker). This starter kit comes with a tuner, amp, cable and even some lesson material. This is the easiest way to have everything you need in one kit. The downside is that the accessories are ok but not amazing quality. Tuner apps are often a lot better than these cheap tuners that come with these kits.

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